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Everything You need English for…

S.O.S. English comes to the rescue!!!

Content writing

Online tutoring



Individual and package service (eng/hr)

Content writing/basic SEO/web design

Quality, attractive and regularly maintained website content is a need of the hour.

If you want the content of your website to be original, well-positioned, multimedia and with current topics, then you are in the right place!

Professional website design can be an individual service or part of a package offer!

On-line English tutoring

The word ‘stands in your throat’, and you can’t try it? Do you suffer from insecurity and lack self-confidence? Need to improve your English business? Help for school?

Professional staff with many years of experience in individual and group teaching to all levels and ages use online modern methods of with an emphasis on the conversation part and the standard accent, is here for you!!


Google Translate is sometimes not a bad choice, but other times … You’d rather not!

Professional translations provide you with the accuracy of information, mother tongue mirroring and , of course, the correct spelling and grammar. Timely and reliably, we offer translation services of various topics and fields. (eng / hr, hr / eng)!

Price list

Content writing

For companies and individuals

  • Original content writing
  • WordPress
  • Basic SEO
  • Multimedia
  • Web design

from 75kn per page


Individual and group

  • Business English
  • Conversational English
  • Tailored tutoring/Help for school
  • A0/A1, A2 level
  • B1, B2 i C1, C2 level

from 75kn/45 min


Professional translation (eng-cro, cro-eng)

  • Fields: Hospitality industry, tourism, contemporary science, marketing etc.

from 75kn per page

Već nekoliko mjeseci surađujemo sa S.O.S English za potrebe našeg bloga. Više sam nego zadovoljan i svakako preporučujem!

Mirsad Dubravić

MegaBooker, direktor

Za potrebe Adriaday agencije, tražili smo kvalitetnog prevoditelja, koji je radio na našoj stranici. Zadovoljan sam sa rezultatima i svakako preporučujem!

Armin Mulabećirović

vlasnik agencije

Sa S.O.S English sam surađivala za potrebe prijevoda naše web stranice Ard Cosmetics. Zadovoljna sam i svakako toplo preporučujem!

Katarina Mešić


O nama

Magistri engleskog jezika, sa dugogodišnjim iskustvom, pomoći će Vam da savladate sve poteškoća oko vaših prijevoda, članaka, radova i sticanja znanja iz engleskog jezika. Naše sjedište je u Opatiji, Maršala Tita 54

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